Buying the Best Furnace Filters to Prevent Having Spring Allergies

Some people resort to vaporizers and humidifiers in order to rid the insides of their home from allergens finding their way inside. The problem is that these could actually do more harm than good, since increasing the humidity inside your home can encourage the proliferation of mold and dust mites. The latter, in particular, can be especially prevalent in your bedroom.

To avoid pollen and other indoor allergens from circulating inside your home, it’s advised to buy the best furnace filters from shops such as Allergy Relief Store, particularly during mid-summer. Investing in new furnace filters can be effective in removing pollen and other common indoor allergens and make your spring more enjoyable and comfortable.


Best Furnace Filters Protect Indoor Air From Worsening Allergy Season

Using the best furnace filters can help prevent allergies, by stopping pollen from getting indoors. The size of most pollen ranges from 10 to 100 microns, big enough to be caught by a MERV 11 filter with a 40 to 75 percent efficiency. The best pleated filters fall under MERV 9 to 12, which may be cost a little more, but can be expected to last longer.

As summers grow warmer and drier, the conditions get more and more ideal for pollen production. If you plan to hunker down until the pollen frenzy subsides, make sure your HVAC comes with the most reliable allergy air filters from dealers like Allergy Relief Store.

Reason to Buy Only the Best Furnace Filters: Residential Air Hazards

“Shielding with a Furnace

An efficient way to combat these potential home hazards is to ensure that your HVAC is efficiently keeping most, if not all of them away from circulating inside your home. Choose air filters with a high Minimum Efficiency Rating Value (MERV). High MERV air filters, like those from the Allergy Relief Store, can efficiently block away microorganisms like mold spores, paint dust, humidifier dust, tobacco smoke, etc.

If you neglect the cleaning and maintenance needs of your HVAC system, or if you skimp on choosing a quality filter, you are likely only risking the health of your home’s occupants. This allergy season, nothing is better than being prepared for the worst and doing everything you can to prevent it.”