The Best Furnace Filters Protect You from Carbon Monoxide & Pollutants

“Aside from the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning, a malfunctioning or poorly maintained furnace can exacerbate existing allergies. MERV 8 air and furnace filters from trusted suppliers of the best furnace filters for consumers, like Allergy Relief Store, can be used to capture pollutants like mold, spores, dust mite debris, animal dander, and the harmful chemicals used in cleaning products. By reducing indoor pollution, allergy symptoms like sore throat and sinus congestion can be minimized or alleviated.

Some electrostatic air conditioner filters for allergies have the ability to trap CO, and some air conditioner filters even come equipped with CO detectors. An added benefit of such filters is their ease of maintenance, as vacuum cleaners and cleaning solutions can be used to keep them clean. By ensuring that indoor environments are free from harmful and potentially lethal pollutants, homeowners can protect their families. “


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